Board of Directors

Our Mission

The Baby Buzz is a nonprofit that connects parents of children from pre-birth to three with community support and educational resources, helping children and families thrive.

Our Story

"Four years ago on a beautiful spring day, I visited a friend after her second baby was born.  We talked about the joys of parenthood and delighting in the newness of each stage.  We also talked about the stressors, feelings of isolation, the overwhelming sense of incompetence.   For many moms, family is not nearby and that “village” is not there to help.  We talked about bringing that village for our families.  My friend dreamed with me about what that would look like and is now the Vice President of The Baby Buzz.    


On behalf of myself and the rest of the board, we’d like to welcome you to our village."    


Pam Haefner

Executive Director


Pamela Haefner

President and Founder

Pamela Haefner has devoted her career to helping children and families thrive.  Pam has worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and family therapist specializing in working with families with very young children for over 25 years.  In 2010, she founded Thrive Under 5 LLC, an independent therapy practice which focuses on helping parents and children develop strong, supportive and nurturing relationships.  In her work as a child and family therapist she became aware of the growing need for parent and family education in order to help parents understand their children’s developmental needs.  She also saw the need for providing young families support through connecting them to other parents as well as professional resources in the community.  The Baby Buzz was developed to specifically meet these needs.   

Tom Johnson


Tom Johnson is a big believer in the importance of early childhood development and has become aware of the need to help families learn about educational and developmental resources. Tom brings years of Director level business leadership experience to The Baby Buzz team. He is particularly excited about the great team of contributors that has come together to create this fantastic community service.

Cristin Wipfler

Vice Chair

Cristin Wipfler is a Registered Dietitian with a Master's Degree in Public Health focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.  She is also a wellness educator for the Juice Plus Company through her private practice, in which she focuses on fueling the body well with real food and healthy habits.  As a mom of 2 and a professional who works closely with family and pediatric nutrition, Cristin is appreciative for the opportunity to be involved with the Baby Buzz to provide support and resources to fellow local families.

Dawn Giglio


Dawn Giglio completed her BS in Biology at Roanoke College in 1994 and her BS in nursing at The University of Virginia in 1996.  She found her love educating families on the topics of childbirth, baby care and breastfeeding while raising her two children.  She has worked at Loudoun Pediatric Associates since 2009 and in 2010 was given the opportunity to continue her passion by caring for nursing mothers and babies.  She became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2011 and works with new families everyday creating feeding plans and offering support during this exciting and sometimes challenging time. Dawn participated in the first Baby Buzz event in 2017 and came away feeling inspired by the mission.  She took a seat on the board of directors in 2018 as the Secretary and feels honored to be part of this non-profit.

Meg Burke


As a Loudoun County resident since 1990, Meg Burke sees the real need for more support for families with young children as our communities continue to grow. As a Realtor in Loudoun County for 20 years, some of her favorite clients are buyers just starting out, trying to make their way, looking for a connection to a new community and "village."  The Baby Buzz's support for other mothers resonates with Meg's heart. As a mother who raised two children in Loudoun County, she remembers how challenging, rewarding and sometimes frightening being a mother can be at times. The Baby Buzz fulfills her desire to keep learning and sharing. Meg earned her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, worked in broadcast advertising in the Philadelphia market, and is an Associate Broker with RE/MAX Premier. 

Danielle Hussa


Danielle has bachelor degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Virginia Tech and is BASI Pilates certified. She joined the new moms in 2016 and immediately felt empowered amongst her peers. Learning in that setting changed her attitude and approach to motherhood in a way that tangibly benefited her children. Danielle is honored to work with the Baby Buzz team to spread these resources to help families thrive. 

Kelly Johnson


Kelly Johnson is thrilled to be serving such a worthy organization that focuses on helping families with young children. With years of experience in elementary education, Kelly brings the perspective on the value of partnership – between parents, caregivers, and educational resources.

Katya Rowny

Social Media Coordinator

After the birth of her son, Katya Rowny joined a new moms group and discovered the invaluable benefits of support and education.  These connections sparked her interest in helping other new moms and has devoted both her talents and energy to helping The Baby Buzz grow and serve more families.  Katya earned her BA in Political Science from George Mason University and also has a certification as a professional dog trainer. 

Laura Tietz

Graphic Design/Web Support

Laura Tietz completed her BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. While working in the ecology field, Laura soon realized that she needed design to be at the forefront of her career, so she embarked upon a second bachelor degree in Industrial Design at the Art Institute of Seattle. Laura excelled at designing within the 2D world and, therefore, shifted her focus to Graphic Design and worked as a Designer for Zoo Design Inc. After the birth of her son, Laura joined Pamela's New Moms group and found the support she needed to stabilize her transition into motherhood. Shortly after that, she started her own Graphic Design company and expanded her services to offer small-scale websites. She is thrilled to find The Baby Buzz- the place where her passion for parenting overlaps with her passion for design.