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Pelvic Floor Recording

If you missed our talk with Dr. Desiree Cassell, PT, DPT with The Balanced Momtality Women's Health and Wellness, LLC, here is your chance to discover or rediscover her brilliant insights on the pelvic floor. She addresses the purpose of the pelvic floor and how it should function; she helps us identify and manage common issues with practical wisdom that can be incorporated and benefitted from immediately!



  • What the pelvic floor is

  • How it is suppose to function

  • How to identify when it’s not functioning correctly

  • Many tips and strategies for how to manage some of the more common pelvic floor dysfunction conditions like:

    • urinary incontinence (leaking)

    • urinary urgency

    • urinary frequency

    • pelvic pain

    • pelvic organ prolapse


Dr. Desiree Cassell is a physical therapist that specializes in orthopedics and women's health. She got her doctorate from UNM in 2017 as well as her Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2014. After her first pregnancy, she suffered with her own pelvic floor dysfunction, and like many, she just accepted it as part of motherhood. Sadly that meant no more jumping on trampolines and crossing her legs fiercely every time she sneezed or laughed so she wouldn’t pee herself. After PT school she got pregnant with her second and was determined to put her knowledge to the test and was able to completely resolve her issues even while she was pregnant. She became very passionate about educating, empowering and supporting other women throughout their lifespan so that they didn’t have to accept these common issues as part of life. This lead to her starting her own private practice in Los Alamos, NM, The Balanced Momtality Womens Health and Wellness, where she helps women of all ages heal their bodies, starting at the core. 

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