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Supporting Parents is Our Priority

During these strange times, The Baby Buzz has been working hard to reformulate ways to best meet the needs of our local communities.

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The Baby Buzz provides tools through support and connection to help ease those stresses and challenges.

As parents, we are faced with many stresses and challenges as our children grow.

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The Baby Buzz Mission

We are a nonprofit organization that connects parents of children from pre-birth to three with community support and educational resources, helping children and families THRIVE.

As a new mother, I found The Baby Buzz to be an invaluable experience event for parents. With the proverbial “village” fading from our modern culture, The Baby Buzz created a space to meet other parents and qualified professionals, ask questions, and create discussions without fear of judgement. The information shared from local professionals allowed attendees to learn more about these important early childhood years, and to connect with local resources and organizations should we need to reach out for additional assistance. These professionals were so kind and compassionate that I felt welcome to ask specific questions and share personal experiences. I won’t soon forget the three professional women surrounding a new mother as her baby received a quick session to relieve discomfort - it was a modern version of the “Village” we are all seeking, and an example of the wonderful work done during The Baby Buzz events.

- Christine, mother of a 2 year old.

A hope to create our own supportive village.

Moms and Dads striving to strengthen our community.

Community support and educational resources.

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